Is your self worth attached to the scales?

Since it’s January and everybody is on a health kick, I’ve seen a lot of people going in and out of the room at the gym to check their weight on the scale.

For some, whatever that number says will dictate whether they are happy or P***d off!

weighing scales

But should you really place that much importance on what the scale says?

I think it’s definitely a tool to be used, but it can be dangerous if you get too attached to it.

See, your weight on the scale is a total of everything, your muscle, body fat, bones, organs etc

Depending on the diet you are on, you could be losing a lot of weigh. I see stories and headlines like “I lost 6lbs in one week with this diet!”

Here’s the problem with that. If you lose that much in one week, how much of that do you think is composed of body fat?

How much is Muscle? OR water weight?

If you slash your calories, or worse again, go on some juice detox, you will lose weight obviously.

But you also lose muscle. Muscle is your bodies main asset. The more lean muscle tissue you have the more calories you burn at rest.

So loss of muscle = lower metabolism.

So you want to hold on to as much muscle as you can, whilst simultaneously losing fat.

Ok Nigel, so how much Fat should I be losing?

That depends on how much you have to lose.

But considering 1lb of body fat is the equivalent of approximately 3,500 calories. That should be a good goal.

Some may lose more than that initially, then hit a plateau or start seeing less drops on the scale.

Fat loss is never linear and does require some adjusting and trial an error.

That’s why I recommend using a variety of tools to measure progress such as body fat percentage, circumference measurements, pictures. overall feeling and finally the weighing scale.

That should give you a good over view of what’s happening.

If you are trying to lose body fat, I’ve written up a 5 step fat loss guide you can get here.

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