Fear of failure (a different perspective)


Do you have a fear of failure?

Would you really like to achieve something but you have something holding you back? 

Maybe you tried before and you failed. So now you’ve given up on yourself and your goal.

Why do we fail?

Well in my experience a couple of factors.

But first let’s look at a different way to look at failure.

Failure is learning.


Yes, look at any area you failed at before. See what you can learn from it.

If it was a weight loss goal, was the goal too unrealistic?

Did you have a proven exercise program?

Was the nutrition plan too hard to stick to?

Did you just lose motivation?

These are all reasons why you may have failed before.

But the main reasons 92% of people (that’s the number I’ve seen quoted) don’t achieve their goals?

  1. Support
  2. Accountability

So, if there was something you set out to achieve before but didn’t.

Ask yourself were either of those factors missing.

If they were, get support. Get accountability.

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