Are you pushing yourself?

So yesterday was my leg day session (the most dreaded day of the week!)
I wasn’t feeling too energetic but nonetheless was determined to push through it.

First set 60kg. Second set 70kg. Not bad. Third set 80kg. Ok I’l try 90. Got 5 reps.
One final set and decided I’d try 95kg. My thinking was what’s the worst that can happen I have to drop it in the rack! Nobodies here to see anyway!

So I got 95 for 5 reps. 95kg is my personal best on barbell Squats so I was quite chuffed. 100kg would have sounded better right?!
So, whats the point?
“Did I just write this to brag about my squat?!”

My point is always try to push yourself. To quote Henry Ford “Wheather you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Sometimes the mind gives up before your body does. So push for those last few reps in the set.
The ones where your mind is telling you to give up but your body still has something left.

Of course it helps when you have someone like me telling you “2 more” 🙂

Give 100%, and reap the rewards!

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